Soft Day (CS)

1. Waiting For Music pt. 2
2. Dear Diane
3. Nothing Ain't Nothing
4. Synchronicity
5. Bummer Deal
6. Don't Be a Fool
7. When the Phone Rings

This little album was recorded on February 6th 2017 at audiconfusion. I sang and played guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. My friend jalipaz recorded, engineered, and mixed everything. Another friend, Annabelle Dunstan, drew the album art and my other friend, Joshua Redman, took the picture of me. The idea of recording an album in a day sounded fun to me because sometimes my music takes so long to record and release. I decided not to use a metronome so the changes in tempo all exist in "Tyler Time". Also, I tried to exercise "first take, best take" as often as possible. I hope you enjoy these old and new songs. Thank you for listening!
Tyler Blue Broderick